Socket.Io Slide for FRENDS, Korea FRont ENd DeveloperS

HTML5 Slide for Socket.IO

HTML5 Slide about Socket.IO for presentation in FRENDS


  • node.js (tested in 0.6.18)
  • Socket.IO (tested in 0.9.6)

How to use

run node server(you have to run server.js in directory)

node socketio-slide.js
  • connect at web browser - http://localhost:8124/


This Slide is about Socket.IO using HTML5 Slide.

It contained some demo in slide.

Actually two sockets is used in slide, one is for demo. another is for sync page of slide with others. page sync is operated only when id is matched. so you can connect to like http://localhost:8124/?id=test for sync page. then sync page with each other(eg. ?id=test). if id isn't exist. slide doesn't sync.

Slide Scenario

  • connect to url at more than two browser(use ?id=sameid)
  • explain slide (all slide synced page)
  • at Communication with Server page, demo for send(). your message will be received to your browser not other.
  • at Broadcast via server page, demo for broadcast(). your message will be broadcase to other browser(if those are connected), not your browser.