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PrimeFaces Cookbook (Second Edition). All examples are compatible with PrimeFaces 5.x.

Build Status


  • Install Git as described in the Pro Git book.
  • Install Maven 3 if you don't have it as this project is a Maven based project. You might need a JDK installation instead of a JRE for running Maven.
  • Install WildFly or Apache TomEE if you don't have it installed on your local.

Compile and Run Project

Open your console / terminal window and clone the repository with

git clone git://

You can now explore the source code with samples, compile and run the project. To install the project, go to the project root folder primefaces-cookbook and type the following command

mvn install

The WAR file is located in the target folder below project root. The demo web application is prepared to run with PrimeFaces 5.2 and JSF 2.2.

You can deploy the WAR file on every Servlet 3.x compatible application server such as WildFly or Apache TomEE. The demo application is running under


Download WAR file

We use Travis and Jenkins as continuous integration tools. They builds the project after each commit. You can download the runnable showcase from the Jenkins' last build.