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Maintainer looks to much like vanilla ice #1

Enome opened this Issue · 6 comments

3 participants

Geert Pasteels Nick Janetakis Olivier Vaillancourt
Nick Janetakis

This needs to be addressed immediately.

Olivier Vaillancourt

Hahaha wtf - Am I really looking like Vanilla ice ?

Geert Pasteels

That's what we said on IRC and nobody was there to refute that assertion.

Olivier Vaillancourt

lol - sorry guys :| we've been crunching like crazy over the last 2 months so I've neglected IRC a bit :(. I will be back though! As soon as I stop working 15h a day :|.

I'll very likely meet with deedubs this week :P he's in montreal so he'll be able to confirm I'm still alive :D

Geert Pasteels

Great now I feel bad :(

Olivier Vaillancourt

Well - @deedubs forgot to put the month in the conversation. I will not be meeting w/ him this week but next month :P. So until then, impossible to know whether I'm dead or alive :|.

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