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All code for the Piecewise Linear Neural Networks verification: A comparative study paper


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Piecewise Linear Neural Networks Verification: A comparative study

This repository contains all the code necessary to replicate the findings described in the paper: Piecewise Linear Neural Networks Verification: A comparative study. If you use it in your research, please cite:

  author        = {Bunel, Rudy and Turkaslan, Ilker and Torr, Philip H.S and Kohli, Pushmeet and Kumar, M Pawan},
  title        =  {Piecewise Linear Neural Networks Verification: A comparative study},
  journal      = {arxiv:1711.00455},
  year         = {2017},

The methods contained in this repository are:

  • Neural Network verification as a Mixed Integer Program feasibility problem
  • Neural Network verification as a Global Optimization problem, solved through Branch and Bound

In addition, this also contains conversion scripts to operate other solvers, included as submodules. If you make use of them, please cite the corresponding paper.

  • Reluplex, in ./ReluplexCav2017
  • Planet, in ./Planet

Structure of the repository

  • ./planet/ is a git submodule, linking to the official Planet repository
  • ./ReluplexCav2017/ is a git submodule, linking to a fork of the official Reluplex repository. The fork was made to include some additional code to support additional experiments that the originally included ones.
  • ./plnn/ contains the code for the MIP solver and the BaB solver.
  • ./tools/ is a set of python tools used to go from one solver's format to another, run a solver on some property, compare experimental results, or generate datasets.
  • ./scripts/ is a set of bash scripts, instrumenting the tools of ./tools to reproduce the results of the paper.

Running the code


The code was implemented assuming to be run under python3.6. We have a dependency on:

  • The Gurobi solver to solve the LP arising from the Network linear approximation and the Integer programs for the MIP formulation. Gurobi can be obtained from here and academic licenses are available from here.
  • Pytorch to represent the Neural networks and to use as a Tensor library.
  • The python packages psutil to measure memory usage in our benchmarks and sh to instrument other solvers.
  • Reluplex and Planet have their own dependency, described in their Readme page.

Installing everything

We recommend installing everything into a python virtual environment.

git clone --recursive

cd PLNN-verification
virtualenv -p python3.6 ./venv

# Install gurobipy to this virtualenv
# (assuming your gurobi install is in /opt/gurobi701/linux64)
cd /opt/gurobi701/linux64/
python install
cd -

# Install pytorch to this virtualenv
# (or check updated install instructions at
pip install 

# Install psutil
pip install psutil

# Install the code of this repository
python install

# Additionally, install the code for Planet and Reluplex
# by cd-ing into their directory and following their 
# installation instructions.
## Reluplex:
cd ReluplexCav2017/glpk-4.60
make install
cd ../reluplex
cd ../check_properties
cd ../..

## Planet
cd planet/src
# sudo apt install valgrind qt5-qmake libglpk-dev # if necessary 
# if you encounter linker issues, move -lsuitesparseconfig to the end of the flag list
cd ../..

Running the experiments

If you have setup everything according to the previous instructions, you should be able to replicate the experiments of the paper. To do so, follow the following instructions:

## Generate the datasets
# Generate the .rlv (planet/BaB/MIP inputs file from the Acas .nnet files)

# Generate the .nnet files (reluplex inputs) from the CollisionDetection .rlv files

# Generate the .rlv and .nnet files for the TwinStream dataset

## Generate the results

## Analyse the results
# (might have to `pip install matplotlib` to generate curves)
# ACAS comparison
./tools/ results/ACAS/reluplex/ results/ACAS/planet/ results/ACAS/MIP/ results/ACAS/BaB/
# collisionDetection comparison
./tools/ results/collisionDetection/reluplex/ results/collisionDetection/planet/ results/collisionDetection/MIP/ results/collisionDetection/BaB/
# TwinStream comparison
./tools/ results/twinLadder/reluplex/ results/twinLadder/planet/ results/twinLadder/MIP/ results/twinLadder/BaB --all_unsat
# Comparison of Linear Approximation quality


All code for the Piecewise Linear Neural Networks verification: A comparative study paper







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