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API and group of apps to determine which employers are paying fairly to their employees
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Employer Watch

API and apps to identify and show which employers are paying unfairly to their employees. Prototype application:


Ever since I migrated to Australia, I have noticed and kept myself informed about work exploitation. The issue started affecting me more personally when my partner was underpaid in a job. I wrote about it in my blog, and algo got motivated to create a way to show employers who underpay.


  1. Help people find a fair place to apply for a job, avoiding exploitation
  2. Let consumers buy from fair workplaces and avoid places who exploit employees

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Data
    • Define data structures
    • Crawl web pages and other resources to find work exploitation data (FWO for example)
    • Data mine and ETL to data structures
    • Setup distributed NoSQL databases
  • API
    • Define resources / calls and paths (consider data's country of origin)
    • Define calls for registering new company's work exploitation complaints / reports
    • Implement code with NodeJS
    • Setup in AWS
    • Try Lambda with API Gateway
  • Apps
    • Search app with React
    • iOS/Android apps with React Native
    • Web based app to register complaints for a company


Proof of concept API: search work exploitation reports

Proof of search app: react web app to use POC api and search reports

Proposed API calls

  • Search work exploitation reports by full text and keywords
  • Search employers who are exploiting workers by employer name and location
  • List companies who are exploiting workers
  • List locations that have employers exploiting workers
  • List work exploitation reports by employer and location

Proposed end user applications

  • Work exploitation search app
  • List of fair and unfair employers per country
  • Map of work exploitation
  • Check exploitation reports of an employer

Preliminary Data Structures


  • id
  • key (temporary)
  • company: string
  • trading: string
  • brand: string
  • location: Location, Geocode or Geohash


  • organisation
  • url


  • id
  • key (temporary)
  • timestamp
  • source: URI
  • accuracy: 0 to 100 (future field)
  • permalink: URI
  • title
  • summary (meta description)
  • text


  • country: string
  • adm1: string (state, territory, province, etc)
  • adm2: string (city, county, etc)
  • address: string
  • employers: Employer[]

Preliminary API urls



    "employers": [
        { "id": "123", "etc": "" },
        { "id": "456", "etc": "" }
    "meta": {
        "self": "/1.1/employers",
        "previous": "/1.1/employers",
        "next": "/1.1/employers/2"

/1.0/au/employer/[employer id]

{ "id": "123", "etc": "" }



    "reports": [
        { "id": "123", "etc": "" }
    "meta": {
        "self": "/1.0/au/reports",
        "previous": "/1.0/au/reports",
        "next": "/1.0/au/reports/2"

/1.0/au/reports/[page id/number]

/1.0/au/report/[report id]

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