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Mixwallet is an online wallet built on Mixin Network
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Mixwallet is a Mixin Network-based full set cryptocurrency wallet that securely manages your digital assets with a private key and a 6-digit PIN code. Please note that we will not save your private key and digital PIN code, once the private key and PIN code lost, both of them cannot be recovered, please keep the private key and remember the 6-digit PIN code carefully.

Get Started

Register develper account

You need a Mixin Messenger account to create a developer account. Visit to download our app and create an account, then visit Use Mixin Messenger camera to scan the QR code, then give permission to developer website.

Create app

After you logged in, click Create New App to create your first app. dev-guide


Install nginx and config nginx.conf, sudo nginx to start nginx.


Replace app id、private key and session id from your app infomation in webpack.config.js


npm install to install dependencies, npm run watch to run the project.

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