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UILabel replacement with fine-grain appear/disappear animation
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UILabel-like view with easy to extend appear/disappear animation


  • Rich text support (with NSAttributedString)
  • Group aniamtion by character/word/line
  • Customizable animation start delay for each text block
  • Great performance, only changed area is redrawn
  • Optional layer-based implementation
  • 3D/Geometry transform support (layer based only)
  • iOS 5+ compatibility


  • Default


  • Fall


  • Duang/Spring


  • Flyin


  • Focus


  • Shapeshift


  • Reveal


  • Thrown


  • Transparency


  • Spin


  • Dash


  • More to come

How to use

ZCAnimatedLabel is available via CocoaPods. If you don't need all the effect subclasses, simply drag ZCAnimatedLabel.(h|m), ZCCoreTextLayout.(h|m) and ZCEasingUtil.(h|m) into your project and start customizing your own.


ZCAnimatedLabel has two modes: non-layer based and layer based. In the first mode, ZCAnimatedLabel is a flat UIView, every stage of animation is drawn using Core Graphics, you can customize redraw area for your animation for better performance. Following methods can be overriden:

  • - (void) textBlockAttributesInit: (ZCTextBlock *) textBlock;
  • - (void) appearStateDrawingForRect: (CGRect) rect textBlock: (ZCTextBlock *) textBlock;
  • - (void) disappearStateDrawingForRect: (CGRect) rect textBlock: (ZCTextBlock *) textBlock;
  • - (CGRect) redrawAreaForRect: (CGRect) rect textBlock: (ZCTextBlock *) textBlock;

Second option is layer based, where each text block is a simple CALayer, 3D tranform is possible in this mode by setting layer's transform property, if redraw area is bigger and not too many text blocks, this can achive a performance gain. Set self.layerBased to YES and override following methods for customization:

  • - (void) textBlockAttributesInit: (ZCTextBlock *) textBlock;
  • - (void) appearStateLayerChangesForTextBlock: (ZCTextBlock *) textBlock;
  • - (void) disappearLayerStateChangesForTextBlock: (ZCTextBlock *) textBlock;


  • Merge CALayers no longer animating into a single backing store and reuse CALayer for animating layers. (Even better performance for layerBased implementation)
  • More Effects, possily glyph related ones
  • Use core animation emmiter

Thanks to

  • LTMorhpingLabel for heavy inspiration. If you like ZCAnimatedLabel, you should definitely this one out.
  • AGGeometryKit for arbitrary shape 3D transform code piece used in ZCDashLabel
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