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Another solarized color theme for truecolor neovim / vim. Screenshot-dark Screenshot-light Fork from vim-colors-solarized, Features:

  • truecolor support for neovim/vim terminal, and works well in Gvim/MacVim.
  • define color for neovim's embed terminal.
  • define color for Neomake, GitGutter, ALE


  • A terminal which supports truecolor

  • neovim or Gvim/MacVim or vim ≥ 7.4.1799

  • The following line in your init.vim or .vimrc file:

    set termguicolors


  • Manual install Move NeoSolarized.vim to your vim RunTimePath directory:

    cd NeoSolarized/colors
    mv NeoSolarized.vim ~/.config/nvim/colors/

    or for vim

    cd NeoSolarized/colors
    mv NeoSolarized.vim ~/.vim/colors/
  • Plugin managers: vim-plug:

    • Add Plug 'overcache/NeoSolarized' to your init.vim or .vimrc file.
    • Run :PlugInstall after resourcing/relaunching.

After the installation, configure it as your colorscheme by putting the following line into your init.vim or .vimrc file:

colorscheme NeoSolarized


Some options of the original solarized theme were removed or renamed to avoid config conflicts. Make sure to put configuration before the line colorscheme NeoSolarized in init.vim or .vimrc.

" Default value is "normal", Setting this option to "high" or "low" does use the
" same Solarized palette but simply shifts some values up or down in order to
" expand or compress the tonal range displayed.
let g:neosolarized_contrast = "normal"

" Special characters such as trailing whitespace, tabs, newlines, when displayed
" using ":set list" can be set to one of three levels depending on your needs.
" Default value is "normal". Provide "high" and "low" options.
let g:neosolarized_visibility = "normal"

" I make vertSplitBar a transparent background color. If you like the origin
" solarized vertSplitBar style more, set this value to 0.
let g:neosolarized_vertSplitBgTrans = 1

" If you wish to enable/disable NeoSolarized from displaying bold, underlined
" or italicized" typefaces, simply assign 1 or 0 to the appropriate variable.
" Default values:
let g:neosolarized_bold = 1
let g:neosolarized_underline = 1
let g:neosolarized_italic = 0

" Used to enable/disable "bold as bright" in Neovim terminal. If colors of bold
" text output by commands like `ls` aren't what you expect, you might want to
" try disabling this option. Default value:
let g:neosolarized_termBoldAsBright = 1

To enable the dark version of the theme add the line

set background=dark

For more information check out the documentation in NeoSolarized.vim.

More info

Plugins used in the screenshot

Truecolor test

You can run this script to test if your terminal is supported. If the colors blend smoothly like: colortest, then you know that you have True Color support.

awk 'BEGIN{
    s="/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\"; s=s s s s s s s s;
    for (colnum = 0; colnum<77; colnum++) {
        r = 255-(colnum*255/76);
        g = (colnum*510/76);
        b = (colnum*255/76);
        if (g>255) g = 510-g;
        printf "\033[48;2;%d;%d;%dm", r,g,b;
        printf "\033[38;2;%d;%d;%dm", 255-r,255-g,255-b;
        printf "%s\033[0m", substr(s,colnum+1,1);
    printf "\n";


You may need the same hack to make vim work well in tmux. Put these lines into your .vimrc:

set t_8f=^[[38;2;%lu;%lu;%lum
set t_8b=^[[48;2;%lu;%lu;%lum

The '^[' represent the escape char. You should press Ctrl-v + Esc to input actual escape. If the ^[ is two characters (^ and [), it's wrong. If it is one character, it's okay. When you delete the character with backspace, you will find that ^[ is deleted at once. Please also check :help c_CTRL-V (and :help i_CTRL-V). check issue and issue for more information.

neovim works perfect without this config. If you encounter a color issue using tmux, make sure that:

  • you are using the latest version of tmux (v2.2)

  • your $TERM variable is set to "xterm-256color"

  • add the line below to your .tmux.conf file:

    set-option -ga terminal-overrides ",xterm-256color:Tc"

See this article for more details on tmux.


NeoSolarized: A fixed solarized colorscheme for better truecolor support.








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