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ShadowFox was inspired by changes made in Firefox 57, which limited the amount addons could customize both the user interface and "protected" web pages.

This project aims at creating a universal dark theme for Firefox while adhering to the modern design principles set by Mozilla.

You can visit the ShadowFox website at



ShadowFox styles the entire user interface, protected webpages (such as about: pages and, and over 40 popular addons.

Installation and Updating

A cross-platform installer/uninstaller/updater is maintained in the shadowfox-updater repository. Latest versions can be found in the releases section, or via Homebrew, MacPorts, and AUR. Please see the README file for details on how to use the updater (GUI and CLI options available) and solutions to common problems.


It's easy to customize ShadowFox. You can choose what colors are used, what elements and webpages are styled, or add your own css tweaks. For more information, see here.

Depending on how much you want to customize ShadowFox, you may be better suited using a different installation process. To learn more, see here.


Find a bug? Have a feature request? Have any questions?

Please first read through the wiki (including the getting started information, troubleshooting, and known problems) and take a look at any open issues. If you can't find a duplicate request, bug, or an answer to your question, please feel free to either:


I welcome any contributions and would be excited to have a team of people helping with this project. If you are uncomfortable making pull requests, you can simply open up an issue and attach any code you would like included.