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IRCd configuration tools used by OVERdrive-IRC.
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A collection of IRCd configuration management tools used by OVERdrive-IRC.

conf-sync (scripts/, scripts/

conf-sync is a simple scp-based IRCd configuration manager. It currently targets InspIRCd 2.0.x, but can theoretically support any IRCd using a file-based configuration.


First, configure your instance by renaming scripts/ to scripts/

Configuration files go in the root directory of the repository. By default, the following files are merged in this order as ~/inspircd/run/conf/inspircd.conf on target servers:

  • global.conf
  • <servername>.modules.conf
  • modules.conf
  • <servername>.links.conf
  • cgiirc.conf
  • globalbans.conf
  • auth-ex.conf
  • opers.conf
  • <servername>.serverinfo.conf
  • helpop.conf
  • alias.conf
  • dnsbl.conf
  • filter.conf

Once you're done changing things, run scripts/ to push your changes. You will have to run rehash your servers manually for changes to take effect. MOTD syncing is done via scripts/, which will write <servername>.motd and ircd.rules in the target directory.

All scripts require passwordless SSH access for scp, so you will need to run them from a machine that has SSH access to the target servers.


scripts/ provides a link block generator between servers.

  • Usage: scripts/ <server1> <server2> [<server3> ...]

If serverX.links.conf and serverX.links.conf are both present (for each server name specified), and the fields are in the InspIRCd XML format, makelink will automatically write link blocks between the servers given.


scripts/ provides a simple random password generator.

  • Usage: scripts/ [<passwordlength>]
  • If <passwordlength> is not specified, it defaults to 16.
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