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🎓 The docker-based Open edX distribution designed for peace of mind
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Tutor 🎓 The docker-based Open edX distribution designed for peace of mind

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Tutor is a docker-based Open edX distribution, both for production and local development. The goal of Tutor is to make it easy to deploy, customize, upgrade and scale Open edX. Tutor is fast, full of cool features, extendable, and it is already used by dozens of Open edX platforms in the world.

Tutor local quickstart


  1. Install the latest stable release of Tutor
  2. Run tutor local quickstart
  3. You're done!


Extensive documentation is available online:


To get community support, go to the official discussion forums:

What is Tutor?

Tutor was presented at the 2019 Open edX conference in San Diego, CA. Here's the 7-minute talk: video, slides.


We are very much open to new ideas and features for Tutor. If you have an improvement idea, feel free to first discuss it on the Tutor forums. If you are not quite familiar with Open edX or if you need technical advice, the forums are a great place to start, too. Did you find an issue with Tutor? Please first make sure that it's related to Tutor, and not an upstream issue with Open edX. Then, open an issue on Github. Pull requests will be happily examined, too!

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