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- [Bugfix] Fix "Invalid command argument" during upgrade from Koa to Lilac.
- [Bugfix] Fix mysql initialisation in docker-compose==2.0.0beta4.
- [Improvement] Tutor is now published on pypi as "tutor".

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Tutor: the docker-based Open edX distribution designed for peace of mind

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Tutor is the Docker-based Open edX distribution, both for production and local development. The goal of Tutor is to make it easy to deploy, customize, upgrade and scale Open edX. Tutor is reliable, fast, extensible, and it is already used by hundreds of Open edX platforms around the world.

Do you need professional assistance setting up or managing your Open edX platform? Overhang.IO provides online support as part of its Long Term Support (LTS) offering.


Tutor local quickstart


  1. Install the latest stable release of Tutor
  2. Run tutor local quickstart
  3. You're done!


Extensive documentation is available online:

Is there a problem?

Please follow the instructions from the troubleshooting section in the docs.


To get community support, go to the official discussion forums: For official support, please subscribe to a Long Term Support (LTS) license at


We welcome contributions to Tutor! To learn how you can contribute, please check the relevant section of the Tutor docs: