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Student notes plugin for Tutor
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Students notes plugin for Tutor

This is a plugin for Tutor to easily add the Open edX note-taking app to an Open edX platform. This app allows students to annotate portions of the courseware (see the official documentation).

Notes in action


The plugin is currently bundled with the binary releases of Tutor. If you have installed Tutor from source, you will have to install this plugin from source, too:

pip install tutor-notes

Then, to enable this plugin, run:

tutor plugins enable notes

You should beware that the notes.<LMS_HOST> domain name should exist and point to your server. For instance, if your LMS is hosted at, the notes service should be found at

If you would like to host the notes service at a different domain name, you can set the NOTES_HOST configuration variable (see below). In particular, in development you should set this configuration variable to notes.localhost in order to be able to access the notes service from the LMS. Otherwise you will get a "Sorry, we could not search the store for annotations" error.


  • NOTES_MYSQL_PASSWORD (default: "{{ 8|random_string }}")
  • NOTES_SECRET_KEY (default: "{{ 24|random_string }}")
  • NOTES_OAUTH2_SECRET (default: "{{ 24|random_string }}")
  • NOTES_DOCKER_IMAGE (default: "overhangio/openedx-notes:{{ NOTES_VERSION }}")
  • NOTES_HOST (default: "notes.{{ LMS_HOST }}")
  • NOTES_MYSQL_DATABASE (default: "notes")
  • NOTES_MYSQL_USERNAME (default: "notes")

These values can be modified with tutor config save --set PARAM_NAME=VALUE commands.

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