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Tutor development

Start by cloning the Tutor repository:

git clone
cd tutor/

Install requirements

pip install -r requirements/dev.txt

Run tests

make test

Yes, there are very few unit tests for now, but this is probably going to change.

Code formatting

Tutor code formatting is enforced by black. To check whether your code changes conform to formatting standards, run:

make test-format

And to automatically fix formatting errors, run:

make format

Static error detection is performed by pylint. To detect errors, run:

make test-lint

Bundle tutor executable

make bundle

Generating the documentation

pip install -r requirements/docs.txt
cd docs/
make html

You can then browse the documentation with:

make browse

Releasing a new version

  • Bump the __version__ value in tutor/
  • Replace "Latest" by the version name in
  • Create a commit with the version changelog.
  • make release (this assumes that there are two remotes named "origin" and "overhangio")

After a regular push to master, run make nightly to update the "nightly" tag.

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