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regisb Fix insecure asset loading with web proxy enabled
This issue is well described in this post:

When WEB_PROXY=True and ACTIVATE_HTTPS=True the containerized nginx sets
an incorrect value for X-Forwarded-Proto.
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Object storage for Open edX with MinIO

This is a plugin for Tutor that provides S3-like object storage for Open edX platforms. It's S3, but without the dependency on AWS. This is achieved thanks to MinIO, an open source project that provides object storage with an API compatible with S3.

In particular, this plugin is essential for Kubernetes deployment.


The plugin is currently bundled with the binary releases of Tutor. If you have installed Tutor from source, you will have to install this plugin from source, too:

pip install tutor-minio

Then, to enable this plugin, run:

tutor plugins enable minio


  • MINIO_BUCKET_NAME (default: "openedx")
  • MINIO_FILE_UPLOAD_BUCKET_NAME (default: "openedxuploads")
  • MINIO_COURSE_IMPORT_EXPORT_BUCKET (default: "openedxcourseimportexport")
  • MINIO_HOST (default: "minio.{{ LMS_HOST }}")
  • MINIO_DOCKER_IMAGE_CLIENT (default: "minio/mc:RELEASE.2019-05-23T01-33-27Z")
  • MINIO_DOCKER_IMAGE_SERVER (default: "minio/minio:RELEASE.2019-05-23T00-29-34Z")

These values can be modified with tutor config save --set PARAM_NAME=VALUE commands.

DNS records

It is assumed that the MINIO_HOST DNS record points to your server. When running MinIO on your laptop, you should point your services to minio.localhost:

tutor config save --set MINIO_HOST=minio.localhost

Web UI

The MinIO web UI can be accessed at http://<MINIO_HOST>. The credentials for accessing the UI can be obtained with:

tutor config printvalue OPENEDX_AWS_ACCESS_KEY
tutor config printvalue OPENEDX_AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY
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