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Xqueue external grading system plugin for Tutor

This is a plugin for Tutor that provides the Xqueue external grading system for Open edX platforms. If you don't know what it is, you probably don't need it.


The plugin is currently bundled with the binary releases of Tutor. If you have installed Tutor from source, you will have to install this plugin from source, too:

pip install tutor-xqueue

Then, to enable this plugin, run:

tutor plugins enable xqueue


  • XQUEUE_AUTH_PASSWORD (default: "{{ 8|random_string }}")
  • XQUEUE_MYSQL_PASSWORD (default: "{{ 8|random_string }}")
  • XQUEUE_SECRET_KEY (default: "{{ 24|random_string }}")
  • XQUEUE_DOCKER_IMAGE (default: "overhangio/openedx-xqueue:{{ TUTOR_VERSION }}")
  • XQUEUE_AUTH_USERNAME (default: "lms")
  • XQUEUE_MYSQL_DATABASE (default: "xqueue"
  • XQUEUE_MYSQL_USERNAME (default: "xqueue")

These values can be modified with tutor config save --set PARAM_NAME=VALUE commands.

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