@blag0j blag0j released this Nov 30, 2018

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This release includes architecture changes, bug fixes and UI improvements. It includes the following changes:

  • The frontend and the background process (the backend) are now merged into single project. This change fixes the ‘Nothing was found!’ issue which was present because we had two open database connections, and the frontend connection had to be reloaded very frequently. From development perspective with this change npm modules need to be installed once (before the process had to be done twice - for the frontend and for the backend), two processes needs to be started instead of three and the backend doesn’t need to be built separately anymore. The architecture change also implies smaller package size because there won’t be backend binary anymore.
  • Npm module that imposed vulnerability removed (ngx-translate module, which includes event-stream module)
  • Login/Register speed improved - the 3 second response delay is removed
  • Coin settings bug that triggered the Litecoin setting when Omni setting was switched off, fixed.
  • Coin settings UI improvement - coin settings icon opacity reduced when the coin is switched off
  • Sign out button removed from the left sidebar
  • Dropdown on transfer page (next to the the amount input) fixed to only display the selected cryptocurrency short name (code), instead of all of the available cryptocurrency short names (codes)
  • Right bar on the main page - the cryptocurrency price in selected fiat currency placed under each cryptocurrency name is replaced with the total amount for that cryptocurrency calculated in the selected fiat currency
  • Code for Waves cryptocurrency change to WAVES instead of WAVE
  • Typo on the backup page fixed (flire to fire)
  • README.me install and deploy instructions update to match the new architecture
  • Example travis build configuration added
  • Version update from 1.0.1 to 1.1.0