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Some of the files that I use on my Alpine Linux servers.

Server quickstart guide

This quickstart requires that you have an Alpine Linux server running with a domain name pointed to it. I'm currently using Linode as my host since they support Alpine Linux nicely.

TIP: During the ufw portion to enable the firewall I recommend only allowing your IP address or your ISP's IP address range which you can find on whois lookups at the top. For example, replace with your IP or your ISP's IP range.

ufw allow from proto tcp to any port 22

I allow my local ISP's range because I have a DHCP lease from them and I get tired of logging into my server from my hosting provider's UI to update it. It's good enough security and much better than nothing!

I don't recommend running this script without downloading and modifying it for your needs but you can if you want!

curl -o- | sh