XQuery language plugin for Intellij/IDEA IDE
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XQuery Language Plugin for IntelliJ/IDEA

This project is a language plugin that extends IntelliJ to understand the XQuery language. Specifically, the MarkLogic variation of XQuery (at least for now, it may eventually sprout modes for other variants).

See the file docs/todo.txt for the planned/hoped-for features of this plugin.

This is a work in progress that is still in the early stages.

This code is unfinished and unstable. Don't use it for real work unless you're prepared for it crashing randomly. Watch this space for information about future releases.

Note that this code is NOT currently licensed for you to use for any purpose. It will be open sourced licensed soon, but it's not ready yet.

If you would like to participate in this project, please contact:

Ron Hitchens ron@overstory.co.uk