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Emacs Live Changelog

1.0-BETA-25 (Thurs 4th Sept 2014)

  • Update many, many dependencies (As usual)
  • Move to CIDER 0.7.0
  • Enable stacktrace popup for CIDER
  • Improve Gandalf theme a little

1.0-BETA-24 (Thurs 6th Feb 2014)

  • Update many, many dependencies (As usual)
  • Move from nrepl.el to new cider library
  • Add Magnar Sveen's clj-refactor bound to C-c C-m See:
  • Rename live pack directory to stable to clarify the distinction with the dev packs
  • Specify hard dependency on Emacs 24.3
  • Add support for Haskell
  • Add support for Extempore
  • Add support for floobits
  • Add word count mode (M-x wc-mode)
  • Improve format of boot messages
  • Remove cl-lib.el as it's included in Emacs 24.3 by default.

1.0-BETA-23 (Tues 3rd Sept 2013)

  • Update many, many dependencies
  • Update Cyberpunk colour theme to handle more modes
  • Add function for setting custom-file
  • Fix sudo-edit fn
  • Add new default bindings
  • Add a shortcut for cycling through different coll types
  • Ensure js-mode snippets are loaded
  • Make M-T transpose-sexps
  • Pull in clojure-test-mode
  • Move to using flx rather than flex
  • Move back to vanilla nrepl.el now issues are resolved
  • Ensure nrepl-eval-sexp-fu works with latest Emacs
  • Remove live-reload-snippets - favour yas-reload-all
  • Add new dependencies: dash, pkg-info and s
  • Improve git highlighting with git-modes
  • Add live-paredit-copy-sexp-at-point bound to C-M-k

1.0-BETA-22 (Sat 30th March 2013)

  • Update many dependencies
  • Make grep highlights more permanent (rather than just flashing away)
  • Move default location of customisation to separate location
  • Update Gandalf theme
  • add live-recentf-ido-find-file
  • Reduce impact of whitespace fixes on file save - only remove trailing whitespace and empty lines at the start and end of file
  • Update git gutter and tone down colours
  • Add binding for git-gutter:revert-hunk C-c g r
  • Add glsl major mode to lang pack.
  • Allow default font to be specified on Darwin [Roth Michaels]
  • Add license - GPL v3
  • Add live-persistent-scratch-buffer fn for creating unique buffers backed by files

1.0-BETA-21 (Sun 3rd March 2013)

  • Update many dependencies.

  • Allow user to define Emacs Live root directory to a location other than ~/.emcs.d. Either by setting a var calledlive-root-dir or an env variable called EMACS_LIVE_DIR.

  • Clojure print enhancement - specify *print-length* to 100 to stop infinite sequences killing things.

  • Monkey-patch basic-save-buffer to ask you nicely about buffers that don't have associated files when quitting Emacs.

  • Switch to ruby-mode in .rake, .gemspec and Gemfile buffers

  • Initialise mouse mode for new terminals

  • Add git-gutter mode - marks the lines which are different between the last saved version of the buffer (not fully live) and the last commited version of that file in git. + denotes a new line, - for removed lines and ~ for modified lines. The following fns are useful:

    • C-c g g git-gutter:toggle
    • C-c g p git-gutter:previous-diff
    • C-c g n git-gutter:next-diff
    • C-c g d git-gutter:popup-diff

    git-gutter:popup-diff is awesome: try it on a line marked by Git Gutter.

1.0-BETA-20 (Tues 22nd Jan 2013)

  • relax pack checks to not throw exceptions with invalid or absent pack metadata

1.0-BETA-19 (Mon 21st Jan 2013)

  • update clojure-mode, nrepl, gist and yasnippet dependencies
  • make *magit-commit* popwindows sticky
  • fix SuperCollider support - now uses latest scel classes
  • add new fn live-server-kill-terminal which allows you to make a speedy exit without having to save stuff.
  • bindings modifications:
    • don't clobber M-\ unless in paredit-mode, when we give it more useful behaviour.
    • C-\ backward-kill-word
    • C-] kill-region
    • M-] kill-ring-save
  • start working on support for pack metadata via info.el files