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OSC-clj Changelog


17th January 2013

  • Allow nesting of calls to in-osc-bundle to create nested bundles
  • Add in-unested-osc-bundle to allow for the creation of bundles which are sent immediately and aren't nested in any outer bundle
  • Teach peers to disable support for nesting bundles when sending OSC messages (some servers, such as the SuperCollider server don't support them)
  • Update dependency on JMDNS to 3.4.1
  • Update dependency on at-at to 1.1.1


21st Aug 2012

  • Fixed osc-recv to return the message, not the peer.
  • Added the ability to handle exceptions wrapped in RuntimeException which aren't correctly unwrapped in Clojure 1.3 (this may be removed in the future).


26th June 2012

  • Added without-osc-bundle to allow specific OSC messages generated within a call to in-osc-bundle to pass through unbundled. Likely to be rarely used. Prefer not using this unless explicitly required.
  • Type hint message sending aspects of code for faster performance
  • Wait for longer before timing out the send operation
  • Increase size of initial send queue
  • Updated dependency on at-at to 1.0.0
  • Add osc-reply-msg and osc-reply
  • Improve client print-method
  • Fix race condition between socket bind and receive