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Comment that zero-conf switch is asynchronous

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1 parent bfc8058 commit 9bf035ad80659b4c15dc04cf9c3afc8d8f3b4a07 @samaaron samaaron committed Aug 9, 2011
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@@ -136,13 +136,14 @@
(defn zero-conf-on
"Turn zeroconf on. Will automatically register all running servers with their
- specified service names (defaulting to \"osc-clj\" if none was specified)."
+ specified service names (defaulting to \"osc-clj\" if none was specified).
+ Asynchronous."
(defn zero-conf-off
"Turn zeroconf off. Will unregister all registered services and close zeroconf
- down."
+ down. Asynchronous."

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