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Updating todo items.

* removing finished and irrelevant items
* adding issue regarding synth groups and isolating Overtone setup away from
stuff in
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+* sc.synth currently places all synth instances into the synth-group by default,
+which is an Overtone specific feature that should probably be done in studio.
+Maybe we should have the creation of synthdefs be on, but
+the live creation of them and specialization in studio? Discuss on list.
* create a couple functions to append a ugen to the root of a synth, for
attaching out, pan, etc...
@@ -14,36 +21,15 @@ corresponding to perception.
## Studio
-* route all synths and samplers to a main mixer bus, providing panning, EQ, and
-volume controls.
- - figure out how FX should work into this
* have a mechanism to route sound to a preview channel for listening to
something in headphones to try it out.
* create a basic EQ that can be used on any track
-* basic record functionality for root group
- - Sam's disk-out examples
-* create a basic volume and pan control node that can be used for the master
-volume and per synth-track control
-* implementing some basic midi mapping
-* fill out metronome functionality
-* hook up the sequencer
* implement a portamento helper on top of slew
-* Instrument groups are nil if they're created before the server is booted
## General
-* create a function that prints out the currently running synths
- - maybe use node-tree + info from the synth-groups
* view a table or tree of running synths with the ability to kill and maybe
modify control params
@@ -59,16 +45,6 @@ arguments.
* add docs to Unary and Binary op ugens
-* add another argument mode to ugens so that buffers and samples can be passed
-to ugens as arguments and their :id property will be used
- - get rid of UGen wrapper function currently doing this for all ugens
-* implement the rest of the argument modes for ugens, as described in
- docs/dev/core/ugen_definition.mdml.
- (currently there is just :append-seq)
-## Ugens
## SC Tweets:

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