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freesound asset download RFE #111

rogerallen opened this Issue · 6 comments

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The freesound asset cache download of sampled-piano is very verbose about the individual % downloaded (every 1% for 100 lines per file), but it is not very good at telling you how many files you need to download. Just "Asset not cached - starting download..."

It would be nicer if it could say something along the lines of "downloading file 17 of 54..." and fill some horizontal space to get to 100% for that file. Something like:

downloading file 16 of 54: [================] 100%
downloading file 17 of 54: [========........] 52%

Of course this is minor and should not block 0.7.0 , but I just thought I'd write the bug as I watch that download go by... I can't be the only one thinking this.


I've thought of this myself and you're right - it would be awesome. However, I'm not sure if the Clojure REPL supports the termcap-like functionality that this requires.

I'm going to close this as I don't think it's possible to implement. Please re-open it if you can demonstrate its feasibility.

@samaaron samaaron closed this

I was thinking about this awhile back too. Although this isn't feasible in the repl, there is no reason we couldn't implement a gui progress bar...

If the remote-file-copy function in 'overtone.helpers.file were modified to update an atom with the progress info instead of printing to the repl directly, then the value of this atom could be used to update a gui widget. A dynamic binding like *gui-progress-bar* or something could be used in 'overtone.helpers.file to turn this on and off.


I was thinking exactly the same thing too :-) The gui could simply be updated by associating a watcher with the atom.

I'm happy to look into this post 0.7


Note that this idea doesn't require termcap for basic functionality. Something like:

downloading 9 files...

 n  filename         progress
--- ---------------- --------------------
 1  sample1.wav      ********************
 2  sample2.wav      *****

would also be useful.

@neatonk neatonk reopened this

Yep. I agree. That sort of output would be much more helpful and can be done in the repl using clojure.core/print and clojure.core/println.


I created a pull request for simple update. See #146

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