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Score - File Transfer & Object Storage


Genomics data volume and velocity have increased dramatically, rendering on-premise storage insufficient and demanding specialized software tools to manage data in the cloud. Score addresses this by facilitating the transfer and storage of genomics data to and from a cloud network.

Score is a core component within the Overture research software ecosystem. Overture is a toolkit of modular software components made to build into scalable genomics data management systems. See our related products for more information on what Overture can offer.

Technical Specifications

  • Written in JAVA
  • Supports AWS S3, Azure, Google Cloud, Openstack with Ceph, Minio and all other S3-compliant cloud storage solutions
  • Built-in Samtools functionality including BAM and CRAM file slicing by genomic region
  • ACL security using OAuth 2.0 and scopes based on study codes
  • Multipart Uploads and Downloads
  • REST API with Swagger UI
  • MD5sum validation


  • 🚧 Developer documentation, including instructions for running Score from source can be found in the Wiki 🚧
  • For user documentation, including installation, configuration and usage guides, see the Overture websites Score documentation page

Support & Contributions

Related Software

Overture overview

Score commonly works in tandem with our metadata service, Song. While Score handles object storage and file transfer, Song validates and tracks all the associated file metadata.

All our core microservices are included in the Overture Data Management System (DMS). Built from our core collection of microservices, the DMS offers turnkey installation, configuration, and deployment of Overture software. For more information on the DMS, read our DMS documentation.

See the links below for information on our other research software tools:

Software Description
Ego An authorization and user management service
Ego UI A UI for managing Ego authentication and authorization services
Score Transfer data to and from any cloud-based storage system
Song Catalog and manage metadata associated to file data spread across cloud storage systems
Maestro Organizing your distributed data into a centralized Elasticsearch index
Arranger A search API with reusable UI components that build into configurable and functional data portals
DMS-UI A simple web browser UI that integrates Ego and Arranger