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Smart Village Map


As the IEEE Smart Village committee is tracking and supporting the advancement of several micro-grid projects around the world, this is a map to showcase those projects within the context of existing energy infrastructure.

Map Data

Taking inspiration from the Open Infrastructure Map, the goal of this map is to feature up-to-date information on the existing infrastructure, as well as additional geolocated datasets on specific micro-grid sites. This is primarily using the power=lines data from OSM at the moment. This data by itself doesn't show at full zoom level, so it needs to be run through Tippecanoe, and then loaded into Mapbox.

The project sites are updated in a Google Sheets file, and then converted to geoJSON using csv2geoJSON

Updating the Project Sites

The map pulls in the data for each project site through the projects.geojson file that exists in the latest Master branch of this project. This file is produced from the "Smart Village Project Locations" Google Sheet. Once the information in this file is updated, complete the following:

  1. Select Columns A-O, including the column headers, and every row you want to include on the map.
  2. Paste in Excel, and save as a CSV file.
  3. use csv2geoJSON to convert the csv into a geojson file.
  4. Replace the existing projects.json file in this repo with that one.

The map will automatically load in this new data next time it loads. Changes might take a few minutes to go into effect.

Mapping Tools

The power line data is pulled from OSM using this site, and then uploaded into Mapbox Studio as a set of tilesets. These tilesets are combined into the following Mapbox Style: mapbox://styles/earthadam/cjf0rz4yj6dj32sliavy2l0dg

Adding Power Line Data to OSM

In order to edit OSM data and add map features, use a client such as JOSM or iD. Once the data is sent back to the OSM database, revert to the Overpass API to re-download that section into Mapbox. Long-term, it was suggested to make a cron job to do this using the overpass query on a daily basis or something like that.


  1. Integrate this into the IEEE Smart Village website.
  2. Add data visualizations like these for remote monitoring
    1. Considering the use of D3.js instead of Grafana (used in kw4h Dashboard).
  3. Determine best methods for editing and adding new power lines into the OSM power layers (iD?, JOSM?)
  4. Add telecom data as necessary
  5. Determine ways of highlighting areas of need (lack of infrastructure)


A map for IEEE Smart Village projects in developing countries




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