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Addons for Minecraft-Overviewer
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Minecraft-Overviewer Addons!

This repository will be used to house all of the Addons that are being developed for Minecraft-Overviewer. Please feel free to fork the repo to add your own addons into their own directory. Each folder is a different Addon. Check the readme's in each folder for descriptions of all of the addons.

Typically these addons are small in size but add additional functionality to the base Overviewer configuration.


  • Overviewer -- Map generation in the format of google maps, can be most forks of this project, but brownan's is typically the main project we support


Please include installation instructions, requirements and any assumptions to end users in your readme when making addons.


Any inquires can be opened in the issues tab above, or join us on in #overviewer!

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