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PlayerMarkers - Minecraft-Player Positions addon for Minecraft-Overviewer


This quick plugin will generate a player specific avatar and show that player's current position on your overviewer map.


  • Overviewer 0.9+ -- Map generation in the format of google maps, can be most forks of this project
  • Any web host -- apparently loading the markers.json locally is not supported by the javascript json functions I utilize
  • MapMarkers bukkit plugin -- I have included TJ09's MapMarkers 0.3.4 (Mar-11-2012) with this build. OR...
  • PlayerMarkers bukkit plugin -- You only need MapMarkers or PlayerMarkers. This one is by ICWiener42.


1.) Install the MapMarkers bukkit plugin or the PlayerMarkers bukkit plugin into the plugins directory for your server. If you have obtained a newer version of this plugin directly from TJ09's website, you only need the MapMarker.jar file from his archive.

2.) Configure MapMarker's config.yml to output the markers.json file into your overviewer web directory. Alternatively don't edit config.yml, make a symlink (Linux only):

ln -s path/to/minecraft/server/bin/world/markers.json path/to/minecraft/map/markers.json

3.) Reference the playermarkers.js in Overviewer by locating in your index.html (Default location for this is in the web_assets folder in your Overviewer directory). This line will be inserted anywhere before the </head> of your index file:

<script type="text/javascript" src="playermarkers/playermarkers.js"></script>

4.) If you havn't already: Copy the playermarkers folder to your overviewer output folder or the web_assets folder of Overviewer.

5.) If you havn't already: Copy the plugins directory to the root of your bukkit enabled server directory.

6.) Make sure the world in your overviewer config file is the same that will be output by the bukkit plugin. By default this is the world's folder name. You can check this by determining the world that is listed in the markers.json file after running your server with the bukkit file. Whatever world shows up in the markers.json is the name that must be definned in the for Overviewer.


[{"timestamp":"20120418 01:42:27","id":4,"z":9,"msg":"pironic","y":64.0,"world":"1_2_vanilla","x":22},
 {"timestamp":"20120418 21:45:39","id":4,"z":-201,"msg":"Notch","y":68.0,"world":"world","x":118}]

worlds["1_2_vanilla"] = "/home/minecraft/1_2_vanilla"
worlds["world"] = "E:/cc"

You can read more on this here:

If you are having trouble with configuring this setting and are only running 1 world, you also have the option of changing filterPlayersByWorld in the playermarkers.js to false right near the top of the file. This will completely disable the filter by player's world and show every player on the current render (which is great, if you're only running one renderset)


The sample JSON input file can be found at: This was generated by using the included MapMarkers bukkit plugin. The sample JSON file will show 3 players on 2 different worlds.


Any inquires can be opened in the issues tab above, or join us on in #overviewer!