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agrif committed Aug 24, 2017
5 parents 16d8845 + 2c2d103 + d36414b + e5b90fd + 9cf0689 commit 22b9ab3f631e854b4932b453e8a1a81b61946174
@@ -36,26 +36,29 @@ Windows Build Instructions
First, you'll need a compiler. You can either use Visual Studio, or
cygwin/mingw. The free `Visual Studio Express
<>`_ is okay. You will want the C++
version (Microsoft® Visual C++® 2010 Express). Note that the Express version of
Visual Studio will only build 32-bit executables. We currently don't have a
recommended way of building Overviewer on 64-bit Windows using free tools. If you
have bought a copy of Visual Studio, you can use it for 64-bit builds.
cygwin/mingw. The free `Visual Studio Community
<>`_ is okay. You will need to select the "Desktop Development with C++" WORKLOAD. Microsoft has been changing up the names on this with the "Community" edition of Visual Studio. If nothing else works, just install every Individual Visual C++ component you can find :)
You will need a copy of the `Pillow sources <>`_.
You will need the following:
- `Python 2.7 <>`_
- A copy of the `Pillow sources <>`_.
- The Pillow Extension for Python.
- The Numpy Extension for Python.
- The extensions can be installed via::
c:\python27\python.exe -m pip -U numpy pillow
Building with Visual Studio
For this, you will need an installation of `Python 2.7 <>`_ along with Pillow and numpy installed in your Python environment.
1. Get the latest Overviewer source code as per above.
2. From the Start menu, navigate to the 'Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express' and open the 'Visual Studio Command Prompt (2010)' shortcut.
2. From the Start menu, navigate to 'Visual Studio 2017' and open the **'Developer Command Prompt for VS 2017'** (*or whatever year*) shortcut. A regular command or powershell prompt will *NOT* work for this.
3. cd to the folder containing the Overviewer source code.
4. Copy Imaging.h and ImPlatform.h from your Pillow sources into the current working directory.
5. First try a build::
@@ -183,4 +186,4 @@ You may need or want to add the line::
to the file /etc/make.conf, but read the ports documentation to be sure of what this might do to other Python applications on your system.
to the file /etc/make.conf, but read the ports documentation to be sure of what this might do to other Python applications on your system.
@@ -258,13 +258,15 @@ def get_name_from_uuid(self):
sname = self._name.replace('-','')
profile = PlayerDict.uuid_cache[sname]
return profile['name']
if profile['retrievedAt'] > time.mktime(self['time']):
return profile['name']
except (KeyError,):
profile = json.loads(urllib2.urlopen(UUID_LOOKUP_URL + sname).read())
if 'name' in profile:
profile['retrievedAt'] = time.mktime(time.localtime())
PlayerDict.uuid_cache[sname] = profile
return profile['name']
except (ValueError, urllib2.URLError):
@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@
<link rel="stylesheet" href="overviewer.css" type="text/css" />
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="underscore.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="backbone.js"></script>
@@ -59,10 +59,14 @@ static int random_next_int(long long *seed, int n) {
return val;
static int is_slime(long long map_seed, long chunkx, long chunkz) {
static int is_slime(long long map_seed, int chunkx, int chunkz) {
/* lots of magic numbers, but they're all correct! I swear! */
long long seed;
random_set_seed(&seed, map_seed + (chunkx * chunkx * 0x4c1906LL) + (chunkx * 0x5ac0dbLL) + (chunkz * chunkz * 0x4307a7LL) + (chunkz * 0x5f24fLL) ^ 0x3ad8025fLL);
random_set_seed(&seed, (map_seed +
(long long)(chunkx * chunkx * 0x4c1906) +
(long long)(chunkx * 0x5ac0db) +
(long long)(chunkz * chunkz * 0x4307a7LL) +
(long long)(chunkz * 0x5f24f)) ^ 0x3ad8025f);
return (random_next_int(&seed, 10) == 0);

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