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Added some more comments to the sample config.

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# This is a sample config file, meant to give you an idea of how to format your
# config file and what's possible.
-# Define the path to your world here
+# Define the path to your world here. 'My World' in this case will show up as
+# the world name on the map interface. If you change it, be sure to also change
+# the referenced world names in the render definitions below.
worlds['My World'] = "/path/to/your/world"
-# Define where to put the output here
+# Define where to put the output here.
outputdir = "/tmp/test_render"
# This is an item usually specified in a renders dictionary below, but if you
# set it here like this, it becomes the default for all renders that don't
# define it.
+# Try "smooth_lighting" for even better looking maps!
rendermode = "lighting"
renders["render1"] = {
'world': 'My World',
'title': 'A regular render',
+# This example is the same as above, but rotated
renders["render2"] = {
'world': 'My World',
'northdirection': 'upper-right',
'title': 'Upper-right north direction',
+# Here's how to do a nighttime render. Also try "smooth_night" instead of "night"
renders["render3"] = {
'world': 'My World',
'title': 'Nighttime',

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