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Add option to only load entities from chunk and use it for genPOI, resulting in roughly 1/3 runtime reduction. #1225

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commented Mar 21, 2015

This addresses #1224 (my suggestion for some optimization to genPOI).

As well as adding the kwarg to only load entities, I pulled some of the data-processing out into helper methods when I was profiling, and left them factored out; I think that helps readability of the long method and keeps it from getting too far indented as I put some of the work behind a conditional.

I did not bother to put reading the biomes in the conditional since reading them is trivial in terms of processing time as compared to reading blocks/skylight/blocklight.

markfickett and others added some commits Mar 21, 2015

Add option to only load entities from chunk and use it for genPOI, re…
…sulting in roughly 1/3 runtime reduction.
Update signs.rst
Added small note about how to look for the Markers button on a successful genpoi
Add c_overveiwer_includes to the list of source files
This seems to be needed to make "sdist" include these headerfiles. i
have no idea how/if this worked in the past
Revert "Add c_overveiwer_includes to the list of source files"
This reverts commit d6d488c.

Because achin is a doofus
Hopefully a better fix for the sdist problem.
Removing trailing slashes from file.  Why is this needed?
No idea, i hate distutils
Small documentation bug for StructureOverlay.
When adding documentation for the StructureOverlay I missed some
copy and paste error.

fixes #1229
Merge pull request #1240 from enaut/docfixesStructureOverlay
Small documentation bug for StructureOverlay.
Fix mingw-w64 build
On Windows with mingw-w64, Pillow includes windows.h, and thus
including Imaging.h would result in a name conflict of "TRANSPARENT",
which windows.h #defines but overviewer.h wants to use as enum.

For the record, this used to not be broken back when I initially
fixed Pillow for mingw-w64, so the change got somewhere introduced
between then and now.
genpoi UUID improvements
* When reading the cache, catch some errors on load, instead of crashing
* When writing to cache, write to tmp file, then move it into place.
  This should be more robust if a ctrl+c is recieved while writing the

Addresses #1266
Merge pull request #1267 from overviewer/uuidcache
genpoi UUID improvements
rcon: Wait for buffer to fill
We should wait for the buffer to fill up to 12 bytes instead of
simply assuming it will.

Possible fix for #1273.
genPOI: Use "with" statement to close gzip files
Previously, the files were not closed after reading or writing;
by using a "with" statement, the file handles will be closed as
soon as they go out of scope.

Possible fix for #1271.
Remove inline for estimate_blocklevel
Inlining the function allows the compiler to optimize away the
function completely. Clang 3.7.1 does exactly that.

This leads to an error, if the library is used with python:

    % ./
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "/tmp/minecraft/Minecraft-Overviewer/overviewer_core/", line 20, in check_c_overviewer
        import c_overviewer
    ImportError: /tmp/minecraft/Minecraft-Overviewer/overviewer_core/ undefined symbol: estimate_blocklevel

    Something has gone wrong importing the c_overviewer extension.  Please
    make sure it is up-to-date (clean and rebuild)
Fix redstone dust for Minecraft 1.9
This breaks compatibily with Minecraft 1.8

See #1280
Add some new blocks for Minecraft 1.9
* Purpur blocks, pillars, stairs, and slabs
* End brick

eminence and others added some commits Mar 4, 2016

Implement path blocks
Farmland now shares a bit of code with pathblocks and are rendered at a
15/16th sized block
Add some missing pixel between blocks (Issue #992)
Just copy/paste this piece of code from `build_block` to `build_full_block`
Tweak crop rendering
Remote beetroot in preperation of bringing in patch
Implement beetroot crops
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