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Sample - TS

Example-ts is an example app, meant to be used as a reference for developers who are new to Overwolf. The app is meant to demonstrate some basic points and flows that are relevant when developing Overwolf apps:

  • Auto-launch when a game starts.
  • Register to the API and receive real time events from the game.
  • Define a custom hotkey to be used in-game.
  • Communicate between the app windows according to our best practices.

Setting up

In order to run the app, you must first complete several steps:

  1. Download and install NodeJS. After installing, run the following commands in a terminal of your choice:
node -v
npm -v

If they run successfully, proceed to the next steps.

  1. Download and install the Overwolf desktop client.

  2. Download the repository as a zip file and extract it.

  3. In your terminal, run the following commands:

cd <insert path to your extracted 'ts' folder here>
npm install
npm run build
  1. Open the Overwolf desktop client settings (by right-clicking the client and selecting "Support" or by clicking on the wrench icon in the dock and going to the "Support" tab).

  2. Click on "Development options".

  3. In the opened window, click on "Load unpacked extension" and select the extracted 'ts' folder. This will add the app to your dock.

  4. Click on the app's icon in your dock.

What will you find inside?


This file defines all of the aspects of the app. Read all about Overwolf's manifest.json mechanism here. In our manifest.json file, we have { "start_window": "background" } defined. This sets our background window as the app's starting point. All of this app's windows' properties can be found under the windows object. Please refer to the dev site to learn more about each property.


This folder holds the background window, which serves as the application's starting point and window orchestrator. The window's run() method detects whether a Fortnite game is currently running, decides which window to launch accordingly, and listens for changes.

The background window has no visual representation, which can be gleaned from the empty background.html file or from the { is_background_page: true } property the background window has in our manifest.json.


The in_game window listens to Info Events and Game Events emitted by the game and displays an ad. Furthermore, it defines the behavior for the show/hide hotkey. Read all about hotkeys here.


This window serves a purely visual purpose and has no special logic.


This is a base class that holds the logic shared by the in_game and desktop windows, such as minimize/close, drag, etc.

odk-ts and types

Currently, the Overwolf SDK is written in javascript. These folders hold typescript wrappers and type definitions for the SDK methods used in this app.

We are constantly working on improving our SDK and both the odk-ts and the types definition file will be released as proper packages in the future.

css, icons, and images

All of the visual resources used by the app.


Editing the author or app name in the manifest will prevent loading the app as an unpacked app.

For any further information or questions, contact

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