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Hey visitor! check Chocolatey 3.0 roadmap here 😄

The Open Source Clone CMS, it's fast, secure and with many features.

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What is Chocolatey?

Chocolatey it's an open source content management system made with php. It uses Laravel's Lumen Micro Framework to handle all the API Requests and uses Habbo's Angular Module for rendering all views and requests.

How Chocolatey was made?

Chocolatey it's made with php using it seventh (7.X) version. Chocolatey uses AngularJS for it Front End Design/Modules, and uses SQL for storing Data. Also Chocolatey core it's designed using the Lumen Framework.

Why Chocolatey was created?

For development purposes and to create test and educational local website (CMS) clones.


Check our Wiki Page for Installation Tutorials, by clicking here


  • We recommend that you see our Wiki to get know about all our Tutorials/Guides and FAQ pages. Click here to go to the Wiki Summary.
  • We also recommend that you check our Issues to see what are the currently Chocolatey Bugs/Feature Requests. You can collaborate with Chocolatey by creating Pull Requests or Creating Issues.
  • Remember that we don't support Arcturus bugs related things. If you have any Issue that isn't directly related to Chocolatey, pleae use RageZONE Help Section.


  • Claudio aka saamus
  • John aka Kylon
  • Mike aka CineXMike
  • s150217754


Before Collaborating, PLEASE Check this

Anyone is free to collaborate.

Special Thanks

  • Wesley aka The General
  • Chris aka Leader (LeChris)
  • Joorren because Joorren
  • Cankiee aka Cankiee (loool)
  • Martin aka Marit