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Official repository containing all docs & guides of OVH Group
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OVH Documentation

Build Status

Here is all public documentation available about OVH products, in all languages. A good way to find answer to some "how to" questions about OVH products.

A web version also exist here ; the website and this repo are sync.

This project is under active development, and new guides are added or updated on a daily basis.

Built With

  • Grav CMS - The editor used internally to produce and manage guides
  • Algolia - The search engine used in

Test it

  • docs-developer-env - Our developer environment over docker, to live test your guides with our theme.
  • docs-rendering-engine - Our HTML templating engine based on Pelican. ISO-rendering of


We will be happy to take a look to your contributions. You can contribute to this project by update some existing guides, complete them or creating new one.


  • Verify and test every actions you describe: do not write about things you cannot test by yourself.
  • Prefer to use the English version of the Control Panel to take screenshots.
  • If you need, precise the nature of your contribution in the comment.
  • Do your PR on "develop" branch


When contributing you agree with terms of License used. You can find here in file LICENSE.

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