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Venom - Executor Grpc

Step for execute GRPC Request

Based on grpcurl, see grpcurl for more information. This executor relies on the gRPC server reflection, which should be enabled on the server as described here. gRPC server reflection is not enabled by default and not implemented for every gRPC library, make sure your library of choice supports reflection before implementing tests using this executor. gRPC server reflection also does not properly work with gogo/protobuf: grpc/grpc-go#1873


Results of test are parsed as json and saved in bodyjson. Status codes correspond to the official status codes of gRPC. You can find what individual return codes mean here.


In your yaml file, you can use:

  - url mandatory
  - service mandatory: service to call
  - method mandatory: list, describe, or method of the endpoint
  - plaintext optional: use plaintext protocol instead of TLS
  - data optional: data to marshal to json and send as a request
  - headers optional: data to send as additional headers
  - connect_timeout optional: The maximum time, in seconds, to wait for connection to be established. Defaults to 10 seconds.
  - default_fields optional: whether json formatter should emit default fields
  - include_text_separator optional: when protobuf string formatter is invoked to format multiple messages, all messages after the first one will be prefixed with character (0x1E).


name: Title of TestSuite

- name: request GRPC
  - type: grpc
    url: serverUrlWithoutHttp:8090
    plaintext: true # skip TLS
      foo: bar
    service: coolService.api
    method: GetAllFoos
    - result.code ShouldEqual 0
    - ShouldEqual bar


  • result.timeseconds & result.timehuman: time of execution
  • result.executor.executor.script: script executed
  • result.err: if exists, this field contains error
  • result.systemout: Standard Output of executed script
  • result.systemerr: Error Output of executed script
  • result.code: Exit Code
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