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This module provides a "transport" for pino that forwards messages to the papertrail log service through an UDPv4 socket. The module can echo the received logs or work silently.

You should install pino-papertrail globally for ease of use:

$ npm install --production -g pino-papertrail


Given an application foo that logs via pino, and a papertrail destination that collects logs on port UDP 12345 on address bar.papertrailapp.com, you would use pino-papertrail like so:

$ node foo | pino-papertrail --host bar.papertrailapp.com --port 12345 --appname foo


You can pass the following options via cli arguments:

Description Short command Full command
Display help information -h --help
Display version -v --version
Application name (default: pino) -a --appname
Echo messages to the console (default: true) -e --echo
Only send msg property as message to papertrail (default: false) -m --message-only
Papertrail destination address (default: localhost) -H --host
Papertrail destination port (default: 1234) -p --port


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See the CONTRIBUTING file for details.


Licensed under MIT.