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ASP.NET Core App and API to use ContactForm library\

Manipulated via appsettings.json or environment variables:

"ContactSettings": {
  "EmailSettings": {
    "MailServer": "",
    "Username": "***",
    "Password": "***",
    "MailSender": "***",
    "MailSenderName": "***",
    "MailReciever": "",
    "MailPort": 587,
    "MailSecurity": 1,
    "SubjectPrefix": "Contact form notification: ",
    "Enabled": false
  "PostSettings": {
    "PostURL": "",
    "EncType": 1,
    "RedirectURL": "{0}",
    "RedirectSeconds": 10,
    "RedirectText":  "Click here to continue",
    "Enabled": false

Some settings are self-explanatory, but others:

  • Library differentiate between Username and MailSender, the former used to authenticate and the latter to send emails;
  • MailReciver is the email address getting the notification when a new contact form is submitted;
  • MailSecurity - 0 = no SSL/TLS, 1 = SSL / TLS enabled;
  • PostURL - webhook or REST API URL getting the contact data via HTTP POST;
  • EncType - 0 = form encoded, 1 = JSON
  • RedirectURL, RedirectSeconds and RedirectText are used only for EncType = 0 (form posting), and have the URL where redirected after certain number of seconds, showing the link text specified;
  • RedirectSeconds may have -1 for immediate redirect (HTTP status code 302), 0 for no automatic redirect but the user needs to click link to continue, or a positive value to be redirected automatically after that number of seconds;

For environment variable just follow MS rules to replace each level of indentation with double underscore ('__'), like:

"ContactSettings__EmailSettings__Enabled" = true


The URL of deployed web application is actually the endpoint of both HTTP form POST (using application/x-www-form-urlencoded content type) and REST API (using application\json content type). For the latter, just post the JSON formatted contact form data to the root of the application ('/').

When using HTTP GET you will see this simple message:

(Error: POST here, as JSON or form encoded, for details see )

Azure deployment

The application is already deployed as Azure App Service (on a free plan) as (captcha enabled). Sample contact form at is using Azure App Service, both as HTTP form post and REST API with AJAX.

Docker image deployment

Dockerfile used for building the Docker image is available in source code, with some default values for environment variables (disabling all options). The image is publicly available at

To use it locally just try this:

docker pull ovicrisan/contactformweb
docker run -p 8080:80 -e ContactSettings__PostSettings__Enabled=true  -e ContactSettings__PostSettings__PostURL= -e ContactSettings__RecaptchaSettings__Enabled=true -e ContactSettings__RecaptchaSettings__RecaptchaKey=6LeIxAcTAAAAAG1G-vFI1TnRWxMZNFuojJ4WifJWe --rm --name contactform -d ovicrisan/contactformweb

Test it with your own form posting to http://localhost:8080 and then stop it with docker stop contactform

The application can be easily be deployed on Azure Container Instances or other cloud hosting.

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