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Create Docker file in a folder like:

FROM alpine
ADD /site
RUN chmod +x /site/sitego
RUN mkdir static
ADD /site/static
ADD /site/static
ENTRYPOINT /site/sitego "$@"

Or just download it from

Then build the image locally and run it

docker build -t sitego .
docker run -t -i -p 8000:8000 sitego

If you prefer to use a pre-built image from Docker Hub (only 10 MB with Linux Alpine image) use

docker pull ovicrisan/sitego
docker run -t -i -p 8000:8000 ovicrisan/sitego

Then just open localhost:8000.

You can also customize the site with environment variables or parameters directly passed to ENTRYPOINT, like these examples:

# enable logo and logging + change host port:
docker run -t -i -p 8080:8000 -e SITE_LOGO=1 -e SITE_LOG=1 ovicrisan/sitego

# change the container port, site name and hide banner with parameters:
docker run -t -i -p 8080:7000 -e SITE_LOGO=1 -e SITE_LOG=1 ovicrisan/sitego test -b -p 7000 -s "test one"

And so on.

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