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Benchmarks of various asynchronous Python MySQL client libraries
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This is a simple benchmark for various asynchronous Python MySQL
client libraries.

The client libraries tested here are:

- Twisted's adbapi which uses the MySQL client library written in C.
- the pure Python txMySQL asynchronous client library

Both of these libraries assume they're running on the Twisted
framework. The benchmarks allow you to run different reactor

- Twisted's default reactor
- the Tornado-based reactor for Twisted

The command line options for the benchmark are the following:

  --mysql_db          MySQL database to use
  --mysql_host        Database host
  --mysql_passwd      MySQL password
  --mysql_user        MySQL user to use
  --pool_size         Database connection pool size
  --use_adbapi        Use twisted's adbapi module
  --use_tornado       Use tornado twisted reactor instead of twisted's reactor
  --use_txmysql       Use txMySQL database module

One thing to note here is that the adbapi library will try to connect
to the mysql server using a Unix socket, while the txMySQL always uses
a TCP/IP socket. To make things even between the two implementations,
try to run your database server on a remote machine.

Below are some benchmark results. The benchmark program runs on my
Hackintosh Core i7-2600K 3.4GHz (4 cores 8 threads) running MacOS X
10.6.7. The database server runs on an Intel Xeon X3360 2.83GHz (4
cores 4 threads) running Ubuntu Linux 9.04.

The pool size specified was --pool_size=5

Here are the times in seconds reported by the program:

      	 Tornado   Twisted
adbapi   18.34     19.07
txMySQL  45.19     43.80

          Network usage
adbapi    1.8MB/sec
txMySQL   0.42MB/sec

With the adbapi benchmark the CPU on the client machine is at 140%
with 6 threads.

With the txMySQL benchmark the CPU on the client machine is maxed out
at 100% with a single thread.


With a connection pool of 5 connections txMySQL is 2.5 times slower
than adbapi. With all the I/O happening in the main thread, txMySQL
has a hard time competing against the multi-threaded and blocking
adbapi implementation.


The txMySQL implementation tested against is available in the main
trunk at:

The Tornado-based reactor implementation used is available in the main
trunk at:
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