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The OVIS High Performance Computing Monitoring, Analysis, and Visualization Project

What is OVIS?

OVIS is a collection of sub-projects that, as an aggregate, provide HPC targeted capabilities for lightweight monitoring and high performance analysis and visualization of monitored information and events.

Major Components

  • Lightweight Distributed Metric Service (LDMS) provides a low overhead monitoring, transport and storage capability.
  • Baler provides a generic log file tagging, compression, and search capability.
  • Scalable Object Store (SOS) provides a high performance storage and search capability.
  • Visualization
  • Analysis

Build quick reference

The current distribution includes only the LDMS monitoring, transport, and storage components.

  • LDMS is downloadable here, at github.
  • Information on building, configuration, and deployment can be found in the Documentation in the sidebar menu.
  • The LDMS distribution comes with a complete set of man pages for each of the commands and plugins, as well as a Quick Start guide.

More Info

More information, including publications covering OVIS/LDMS and OVIS/Baler design and use can be found at the Sandia OVIS Wiki


LDMS Documentation (v4 - release candidate 1 (rc1))


Reference Docs


Cray Specific
  • Coming soon!


Adding to the code base


Man Pages

  • Man pages currently not posted, but they are available in the source and build

LDMS Documentation (v3 branches)


Reference Docs


Cray Specific



  • Running


  • Man Pages - Man pages from (recent) master in html form hosted as ovis-hpc/ldms_documentation github pages.


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