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MSA Girls in Tech - Web Dev Workshop

This workshop is specifically designed for the Girls in Tech event powered by Microsoft Student Accelerator.

The final solution can be viewed here -

###1. [Setting Up](./4. Content/Setting

This section will help you:

  • Create a Microsoft Account
  • Download and install Visual Studio Code
  • Set up your environment by downloading the source code

###2. [Introduction to Web Development](./4. Content/Introduction to Web

This section will introduce to basic web development.

###3. [Setting up the Front-end](./4. Content/

This section will help you use an existing Bootstrap template that you can use for UI.

###4. [Introduction to Cognitive Services](./4. Content/Cognitive

Knock down barriers between you and your ideas. Enable natural and contextual interaction with tools that augment users' experiences via the power of machine-based AI. Plug them in and bring your ideas to life.

###5. [Write the logic to implement Cognitive Services in your solution](./4. Content/

This section will help you write basic javascript logic to post a picture to Microsoft Cognitive Services, and then recieving the response.

###6. [Activate Microsoft Azure via DreamSpark](./4. Content/

More TBC.