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An easily extensible and useful Google Hangouts Bot
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This is a bot made to interface with Google Hangouts. It uses the hangups library to connect to hangouts.

NOTE: This project requires python3

Setting up

The following instructions will help you get started:

Clone the github repository to your computer: git clone

Install all requirements:

cd hangoutsbot/
pip install -r requirements.txt

Create needed directories:

mkdir private logs

Create database tables:

./ create_tables

Copy settings/secret.sample to settings/

cp settings/secret.{sample,py}

Get Bot's ID and set in settings/

./ get_bot_id

Modify any other relevant information in settings/ to your liking.

Run the bot:

./ run

NOTE: Make sure to run the bot before adding it to a conversation. This way, it can correctly populate the database with Users.

Accessing the python shell with context:

./ shell

To set your user as an admin, enter a shell and do the following:

>>> user = User.get(first_name="<enter your name here>")
>>> user.is_admin = True
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