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Functional Kafka Streams for Scala
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vlovgr Merge pull request #116 from CremboC/for-comprehensions
Improve readability of some functions by use for-comprehensions instead of nested `flatMap`
Latest commit ac81470 Apr 10, 2019
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notes Add release date for v0.19.9 Apr 3, 2019
project Change to replace sbt-pgp with sbt-gpg Apr 3, 2019
src Update KafkaConsumer.partitionedStream.enqueueStream using for-compre… Apr 4, 2019
website Update site variables for v0.19.9 Apr 3, 2019
.gitignore Add site tweaks Jan 3, 2019
.travis.yml Change to use scala 2.12.8 on travis Dec 12, 2018
build.sbt Add better-monadic-for Apr 3, 2019
license.txt Change to include current year in license Jan 1, 2019
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