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Akash Founder Level 2

Challenge: Deploy a Matrix Server Akash and attach a custom domain.

Reward: 500 AKTs


  1. Sign up to Akash Testnet.
  2. Follow the instructions for deploying a Matrix server on Akash.


  1. Fork the ecosystem repository.
  2. Clone the ecosystem repository to your workstation. For example, where <user> is your GitHub username:
git clone<user>/ecosystem.git
  1. Create a file with the domain you mapped and your participation id from Akash Rewards. For example:
echo "3bif3qp17x22l" > founders/level2/

Where 3bif3qp17x22l is the participation id and is your domain. See submissions for examples.

  1. Commit your code, and send a pull request to ecosystem repo.

Bonus Reward: 25 AKTs

Bonus AKTs will be awarded to the community members that help us spread our vision for creating a truly open-source cloud. Sharing your experience on twitter and tagging us will earn you an additional 25 AKT. Please note, this bonus is available only upon completion of the main challenge.

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