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Yet Another CDN.
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Yet Another CDN.

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How to Use

By default the file will be kept in the cache for 24 hours.<uri>

Need to refresh the object more frequently than 24 hours? You can set maxAge manually:<uri>?maxAge=[seconds]


Proxy / CORS Proxy

Can also be used as an effective proxy / CORS proxy by using the proxy endpoint.

How to Use<uri>




Work in progress. Run as root.

> curl -o - | bash
> certbot --nginx


> touch blacklist.txt
> node server
yacdn:server Server listening on port 3000... +0ms
yacdn:server serve#205 url: +5s
yacdn:server serve#205 referer: undefined +1ms
yacdn:cache not in cache +0ms
yacdn:cache lock true +0ms
yacdn:server serve#205 size: 0.02 MB +398ms
yacdn:server serve#205 done, took 404ms +5ms
yacdn:server serve#205 effective speed: 0.04 megabits/s +0ms
yacdn:server serve#206 url: +5s
yacdn:server serve#206 referer: undefined +0ms
yacdn:cache already in cache +5s
yacdn:server serve#206 size: 0.02 MB +2ms
yacdn:server serve#206 done, took 2ms +0ms
yacdn:server serve#206 effective speed: 8.64 megabits/s +0ms


> node benchmark.js - took 32958 ms - took 56222 ms - took 40457 ms
Took 43212ms on average (min: 32958ms, max: 56222ms) - took 21116 ms - took 19269 ms - took 20951 ms
Took 20445ms on average (min: 19269ms, max: 21116ms) - took 25699 ms - took 23810 ms - took 19544 ms
Took 23018ms on average (min: 19544ms, max: 25699ms)

yacdn proxy is 52.69% faster
yacdn serve is 46.73% faster
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