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// UAGithubEngineRequestTypes.h
// UAGithubEngine
// Created by Owain Hunt on 05/04/2010.
// Copyright 2010 Owain R Hunt. All rights reserved.
typedef enum UAGithubRequestType
UAGithubUsersRequest = 0, // Get more than one non-specific user
UAGithubUserRequest, // Get exactly one specific user
UAGithubUserEditRequest, // Edit the authenticated user
UAGithubEmailsRequest, // Get one or more email addresses
UAGithubEmailAddRequest, // Add one or more email addresses
UAGithubEmailDeleteRequest, // Delete one or more email addresses
UAGithubRepositoriesRequest, // Get more than one non-specific repository
UAGithubRepositoryRequest, // Get exactly one specific repository
UAGithubRepositoryUpdateRequest, // Update repository metadata
UAGithubRepositoryWatchingRequest, // Auth'd user watching a specific repository?
UAGithubRepositoryWatchRequest, // Watch a repository
UAGithubRepositoryUnwatchRequest, // Unwatch a repository
UAGithubRepositoryForksRequest, // Get one or more forks
UAGithubRepositoryForkRequest, // Fork a repository
UAGithubRepositoryCreateRequest, // Create a repository
UAGithubRepositoryPrivatiseRequest, // Make a repository private
UAGithubRepositoryPubliciseRequest, // Make a repository public
UAGithubRepositoryDeleteRequest, // Delete a repository
UAGithubRepositoryDeleteConfirmationRequest, // Confirm deletion of a repository
UAGithubDeployKeysRequest, // Get repository-specific deploy keys
UAGithubDeployKeyRequest, // Get exactly one specific deploy key
UAGithubDeployKeyAddRequest, // Add a repository-specific deploy key
UAGithubDeployKeyEditRequest, // Edit a deploy key
UAGithubDeployKeyDeleteRequest, // Delete a repository-specific deploy key
UAGithubRepositoryLanguageBreakdownRequest, // Get the language breakdown for a repository
UAGithubRepositoryContributorsRequest, // Get one or more contributors
UAGithubRepositoryTeamsRequest, // Get one or more teams
UAGithubTagsRequest, // Tags for a repository
UAGithubBranchesRequest, // Branches for a repository
UAGithubCollaboratorsRequest, // Collaborators for a repository
UAGithubCollaboratorAddRequest, // Add a collaborator
UAGithubCollaboratorRemoveRequest, // Remove a collaborator
UAGithubDownloadsRequest, // Get one or more downloads
UAGithubDownloadRequest, // Get exactly one specific download
UAGithubDownloadAddRequest, // Add a download
UAGithubDownloadDeleteRequest, // Delete a download
UAGithubRepositoryHooksRequest, // Get one or more repository hooks
UAGithubRepositoryHookRequest, // Get one specific repository hook
UAGithubRepositoryHookAddRequest, // Add a repository hook
UAGithubRepositoryHookEditRequest, // Edit a repository hook
UAGithubRepositoryHookTestRequest, // Test a repository hook
UAGithubRepositoryHookDeleteRequest, // Delete a repository hook
UAGithubCommitsRequest, // Get more than one non-specific commit
UAGithubCommitRequest, // Get exactly one specific commit
UAGithubCommitCommentsRequest, // Get one or more commit comments
UAGithubCommitCommentRequest, // Get exactly one commit comment
UAGithubCommitCommentAddRequest, // Add a commit comment
UAGithubCommitCommentEditRequest, // Edit a commit comment
UAGithubCommitCommentDeleteRequest, // Delete a commit comment
UAGithubIssuesOpenRequest, // Get open issues
UAGithubIssuesClosedRequest, // Get closed issues
UAGithubIssuesRequest, // Get all issues
UAGithubIssueRequest, // Get exactly one specific issue
UAGithubIssueAddRequest, // Add an issue
UAGithubIssueEditRequest, // Edit an issue
UAGithubIssueCloseRequest, // Close an issue
UAGithubIssueReopenRequest, // Reopen a closed issue
UAGithubIssueDeleteRequest, // Delete an issue
UAGithubRepositoryLabelsRequest, // Get repository-wide issue labels
UAGithubRepositoryLabelAddRequest, // Add a repository-wide issue label
UAGithubRepositoryLabelEditRequest, // Edit a repository-wide issue label
UAGithubRepositoryLabelRemoveRequest, // Remove a repository-wide issue label
UAGithubIssueLabelsRequest, // Get one or more issue labels
UAGithubIssueLabelRequest, // Get exactly one specific issue label
UAGithubIssueLabelAddRequest, // Add a label to a specific issue
UAGithubIssueLabelRemoveRequest, // Remove a label from a specific issue
UAGithubIssueLabelReplaceRequest, // Replace all labels on a specific issue
UAGithubIssueCommentsRequest, // Get more than one non-specific issue comment
UAGithubIssueCommentRequest, // Get exactly one specific issue comment
UAGithubIssueCommentAddRequest, // Add a comment to an issue
UAGithubIssueCommentEditRequest, // Edit an issue comment
UAGithubIssueCommentDeleteRequest, // Delete an issue comment
UAGithubFollowingRequest, // Following
UAGithubFollowersRequest, // Followers
UAGithubFollowRequest, // Follow a User
UAGithubUnfollowRequest, // Unfollow a user
UAGithubMilestonesRequest, // Get one or more milestones
UAGithubMilestoneRequest, // Get exactly one specific milestone
UAGithubMilestoneCreateRequest, // Create a new milestone
UAGithubMilestoneUpdateRequest, // Edit an existing milestone
UAGithubMilestoneDeleteRequest, // Delete a milestone
UAGithubPublicKeysRequest, // Get one or more public keys
UAGithubPublicKeyRequest, // Get exactly one public key
UAGithubPublicKeyAddRequest, // Add a public key
UAGithubPublicKeyEditRequest, // Edit a public key
UAGithubPublicKeyDeleteRequest, // Delete a public key
UAGithubTreeRequest, // Get the listing of a tree by SHA
UAGithubTreeCreateRequest, // Create a new tree
UAGithubBlobsRequest, // Get the names and SHAs of all blobs for a specific tree SHA
UAGithubBlobRequest, // Get data about a single blob by tree SHA and path
UAGithubBlobCreateRequest, // Create a new blob
UAGithubRawBlobRequest, // Get the raw data for a blob
UAGithubReferencesRequest, // Get one or more references
UAGithubReferenceRequest, // Get exactly one reference
UAGithubReferenceCreateRequest, // Create a new reference
UAGithubReferenceUpdateRequest, // Edit an existing reference
UAGithubTagObjectRequest, // Get exactly one annotated tag object
UAGithubTagObjectCreateRequest, // Create a new annotated tag object
UAGithubRawCommitRequest, // Get exactly one raw commit
UAGithubRawCommitCreateRequest, // Create a new raw commit
UAGithubGistsRequest, // Get one or more gists
UAGithubGistRequest, // Get exactly one gist
UAGithubGistCreateRequest, // Create a new gist
UAGithubGistUpdateRequest, // Edit a gist
UAGithubGistStarRequest, // Star a gist
UAGithubGistUnstarRequest, // Unstar a gist
UAGithubGistStarStatusRequest, // Get star status of a gist
UAGithubGistForkRequest, // Fork a gist
UAGithubGistDeleteRequest, // Delete a gist
UAGithubGistCommentsRequest, // Get one or more gist comments
UAGithubGistCommentRequest, // Get exactly one gist comment
UAGithubGistCommentCreateRequest, // Create a new gist comment
UAGithubGistCommentUpdateRequest, // Edit a gist comment
UAGithubGistCommentDeleteRequest, // Delete a gist comment
UAGithubNotificationsRequest, // List all notifications for the current user, grouped by repository
UAGithubNotificationsMarkReadRequest, // Mark a notification as read
UAGithubNotificationsMarkThreadReadRequest, // Mark a notification thread as read
UAGithubNotificationThreadSubscriptionRequest, // Subscribe or unsubscribe from a notification thread
UAGithubNotificationDeleteSubscriptionRequest, // Delete a notification thread subscription
UAGithubIssueEventsRequest, // Get one or more issue events
UAGithubIssueEventRequest, // Get exactly one issue event
UAGithubPullRequestsRequest, // Get one or more pull requests
UAGithubPullRequestRequest, // Get exactly one pull request
UAGithubPullRequestCreateRequest, // Create a pull request
UAGithubPullRequestUpdateRequest, // Edit a pull request
UAGithubPullRequestCommitsRequest, // Get commits in a pull request
UAGithubPullRequestFilesRequest, // Get files in a pull request
UAGithubPullRequestMergeStatusRequest, // Get the merge status of a pull request
UAGithubPullRequestMergeRequest, // Merge a pull request
UAGithubPullRequestCommentsRequest, // Get one or more pull request comments
UAGithubPullRequestCommentRequest, // Get exactly one pull request comments
UAGithubPullRequestCommentCreateRequest, // Create a pull request comment
UAGithubPullRequestCommentUpdateRequest, // Update a pull request comment
UAGithubPullRequestCommentDeleteRequest, // Delete a pull request comment
UAGithubEventsRequest, // Get one or more events of unspecified type
UAGithubOrganizationsRequest, // Get one or more organizations
UAGithubOrganizationRequest, // Get exactly one organization
UAGithubOrganizationUpdateRequest, // Update an existing organization
UAGithubOrganizationMembersRequest, // Get one or more organization members
UAGithubOrganizationMembershipStatusRequest, // Get whether user is member of a specified organization
UAGithubOrganizationMemberRemoveRequest, // Remove a user from am organization
UAGithubOrganizationMembershipPublicizeRequest, // Publicize user's membership of organization
UAGithubOrganizationMembershipConcealRequest, // Concel user's membership of organization
UAGithubTeamsRequest, // Get one or more organization teams
UAGithubTeamRequest, // Get exactly one organization team
UAGithubTeamCreateRequest, // Create a new team
UAGithubTeamUpdateRequest, // Update an existing team
UAGithubTeamDeleteRequest, // Delete an existing team
UAGithubTeamMembersRequest, // Get one or more team members
UAGithubTeamMemberRemoveRequest, // Remove a user from a team
UAGithubTeamRepositoryManagershipStatusRequest, // Get whether a team manages a specific repository
UAGithubTeamRepositoryManagershipAddRequest, // Add a specific repository to a team
UAGithubTeamRepositoryManagershipRemoveRequest, // Remove a specific repository from a team
UAGithubAssigneesRequest, // Get one or more assignees
UAGithubAssigneeRequest, // Get whether one user is an assignee on a repository
UAGithubMarkdownRequest, // Get a string as Markdown
UAGithubRepositoryMergeRequest, // Merge one branch into another
} UAGithubRequestType;
typedef enum UAGithubResponseType
UAGithubNoContentResponse = 0, // No content expected
UAGithubUsersResponse, // One or more users
UAGithubUserResponse, // Exactly one user
UAGithubEmailsResponse, // One or more email addresses
UAGithubRepositoriesResponse, // One or more repositories
UAGithubRepositoryResponse, // Exactly one repository
UAGithubRepositoryTeamsResponse, // One or more teams
UAGithubDeployKeysResponse, // One or more deploy keys
UAGithubDeployKeyResponse, // Exactly one deploy key
UAGithubDownloadsResponse, // One or more downloads
UAGithubDownloadResponse, // Exactly one download
UAGithubRepositoryLanguageBreakdownResponse, // Breakdown in language-bytes pairs
UAGithubBranchesResponse, // One or more branches
UAGithubCollaboratorsResponse, // One or more users
UAGithubRepositoryHooksResponse, // One or more repository hooks
UAGithubRepositoryHookResponse, // Exactly one repository hook
UAGithubCommitsResponse, // One or more commits
UAGithubCommitResponse, // Exactly one commit
UAGithubCommitCommentsResponse, // One or more commit comments
UAGithubCommitCommentResponse, // Exactly one commit comment
UAGithubIssuesResponse, // One or more issues
UAGithubIssueResponse, // Exactly one issue
UAGithubIssueCommentsResponse, // One or more issue comments
UAGithubIssueCommentResponse, // Exactly one issue comment
UAGithubIssueLabelsResponse, // One or more issue labels
UAGithubIssueLabelResponse, // Exactly one issue label
UAGithubRepositoryLabelsResponse, // One or more repository-wide issue labels
UAGithubRepositoryLabelResponse, // Exactly one repository-wide issue label
UAGithubBlobsResponse, // Name and SHA for all files in given tree SHA
UAGithubBlobResponse, // Metadata and file data for given tree SHA and path
UAGithubFollowingResponse, // Following
UAGithubFollowersResponse, // Followers
UAGithubFollowedResponse, // User was followed
UAGithubUnfollowedResponse, // User was unfollowed
UAGithubMilestonesResponse, // One or more milestones
UAGithubMilestoneResponse, // Exactly one milestone
UAGithubPublicKeysResponse, // One or more public keys
UAGithubPublicKeyResponse, // Exactly one public key
UAGithubSHAResponse, // SHA
UAGithubTreeResponse, // Metadata for all files in given commit
UAGithubReferencesResponse, // One or more references
UAGithubReferenceResponse, // Exactly one reference
UAGithubAnnotatedTagsResponse, // One or more annotated tag objects
UAGithubAnnotatedTagResponse, // Exactly one annotated tag object
UAGithubRawCommitResponse, // Exactly one raw commit
UAGithubGistsResponse, // One or more gists
UAGithubGistResponse, // Exactly one gist
UAGithubGistCommentsResponse, // One or more gist comments
UAGithubGistCommentResponse, // Exactly one gist comment
UAGithubIssueEventsResponse, // One or more issue events
UAGithubIssueEventResponse, // Exactly one issue event
UAGithubPullRequestsResponse, // One or more pull requests
UAGithubPullRequestResponse, // Exactly one pull request
UAGithubPullRequestMergeSuccessStatusResponse, // Success or failure of merge attempt
UAGithubPullRequestCommitsResponse, // One or more pull request commits
UAGithubPullRequestFilesResponse, // One or more pull request files
UAGithubPullRequestCommentsResponse, // One or more pull request comments
UAGithubPullRequestCommentResponse, // Exactly one pull request comment
UAGithubTagsResponse, // Tags in name-SHA pairs
UAGithubNotificationsResponse, // One or more notifications
UAGithubNotificationThreadsResponse, // One or more notification threads
UAGithubNotificationThreadSubscriptionResponse, // Exactly one notification thread subscription
UAGithubEventsResponse, // One or more events of unspecified type
UAGithubOrganizationsResponse, // One or more organizations
UAGithubOrganizationResponse, // Exactly one organization
UAGithubTeamsResponse, // One or more organization teams
UAGithubTeamResponse, // Exactly one team
UAGithubMarkdownResponse, // HTML from Markdown
} UAGithubResponseType;
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