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(ns clojure-mail.message
(:require [medley.core :refer [filter-keys]])
(:import [javax.mail.internet InternetAddress MimeMultipart MimeMessage]
[javax.mail Message$RecipientType Flags Flags$Flag]))
(defn mime-type
"Determine the function to call to get the body text of a message"
(let [infered-type
(first (clojure.string/split type #"[;]")))]
(condp = infered-type
"multipart/alternative" :multipart
"multipart/mixed" :multipart
"text/html" :html
"text/plain" :plain
(defn imap-address->map
[^InternetAddress address]
{:address (.getAddress address)
:name (.getPersonal address)})
(defn recipients
[^MimeMessage msg recipient-type]
(map imap-address->map
(.getRecipients msg recipient-type)))
(defn to
"Returns a sequence of receivers"
(recipients m Message$RecipientType/TO))
(defn cc
"Returns a sequence of receivers"
(recipients m Message$RecipientType/CC))
(defn bcc
"Returns a sequence of receivers"
(recipients m Message$RecipientType/BCC))
(defn from
(map imap-address->map (.getFrom m)))
(defn subject
"Fetch the subject of a mail message"
[^MimeMessage msg]
(.getSubject msg))
(defn sender
"Extract the message sender"
[^MimeMessage msg]
(let [address (.getSender msg)]
(when address
(imap-address->map address))))
(defn date-sent
"Return the date a mail message was sent"
(.getSentDate m))
(defn date-received
"Return the date a message was received"
(.getReceivedDate m))
(defn flags
(.getFlags m))
(defn content-type [m]
(let [type (.getContentType m)]
(defn has-flag?
[message flag]
(let [f (flags message)]
(.contains f flag))))
(defn read?
"Checks if this message has been read"
(has-flag? message "SEEN"))
(defn answered?
"Check if the message has an answered flag"
(has-flag? message "ANSWERED"))
(defn recent?
(has-flag? message "RECENT"))
(defn in-reply-to [m]
(.getInReplyTo m))
(defn id [m]
(.getMessageID m))
(defn encoding [m]
(.getEncoding m))
(defn get-content [m]
(.getContent m))
(defn uid
"return the uid of the message"
(let [folder (.getFolder message)]
(.getUID folder message)))
(defn message-headers
"Returns all the headers from a message"
[^MimeMessage msg]
(let [headers (.getAllHeaders msg)
results (enumeration-seq headers)]
(into []
(map #(hash-map (.getName %) (.getValue %)) results))))
(defn- multipart?
"Returns true if a message is a multipart email"
(.startsWith (content-type m) "multipart"))
(defn msg->map
"Convert a mail message body into a Clojure map
with content type and message contents"
{:content-type (.getContentType msg)
:body (.getContent msg)})
(defn read-multi [mime-multi-part]
(let [count (.getCount mime-multi-part)]
(for [part (map #(.getBodyPart mime-multi-part %) (range count))]
(if (multipart? part)
(read-multi (.getContent part))
(msg->map part)))))
(defn message-parts
[^MimeMultipart msg]
(when (multipart? msg)
(get-content msg))))
(defn message-body
"Read all the body content from a message
If the message is multipart then a vector is
returned containing each message
[{:content-type \"TEXT\\PLAIN\" :body \"Foo\"}
{:content-type \"TEXT\\HTML\" :body \"Bar\"}]"
[^MimeMessage msg]
(if (multipart? msg)
(message-parts msg)
(msg->map msg)))
(defn add-field
"add the result of (f msg) to a map m, if there is an Exception, add the Exception to the :error field of the map"
[msg m k f]
(assoc m k (f msg))
(catch Exception e
(update-in m [:errors] (partial cons e)))))
(defn read-message
"Returns a workable map of the message content.
This is the ultimate goal in extracting a message
as a clojure map.
Any errors that occured while fetching the fields are added to the :errors field of the map.
fields - a list of the available fields you want to return, defaults to all fields"
[msg & {:keys [fields]}]
(let [fields-map {:id id
:to to
:cc cc
:bcc bcc
:from from
:sender sender
:subject subject
:date-sent date-sent
:date-received date-received
:multipart? multipart?
:content-type content-type
:body message-body
:headers message-headers}
kvs (if fields
(filter-keys (set fields) fields-map)
(reduce-kv (partial add-field msg) {} kvs)))
(defn mark-read
"Set SEEN flag on a message"
(.setFlags msg (Flags. Flags$Flag/SEEN) true))