This is a personal reimplementation of Phase-Based Frame Interpolation for Video [Meyer et al. 2015]
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By Oliver Wang

This is a personal reimplementation based on the publication Phase-Based Frame Interpolation for Video [Meyer et al. 2015].

All code provide here is to be used for research purposes only. For questions regarding commercial use, including licensing rights and IP, you must contact the owner; The Walt Disney Company.

This implementation is Matlab, and is designed for clarity over speed. As such, it is highly un-optimized. For realistic timing information and more details on how the method works, please refer to the original paper:

Note: If you use this software, you must cite the following work:

S. Meyer, O. Wang, H. Zimmer, M. Grosse and A. Sorkine-Hornung
Phase-based frame interpolation for video
2015 IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR)

This implementation also includes some lightly-modified libraries from Eero Simoncelli's wonderful MatlabPyrTools. For more information on these tools, and the restrictions of use, refer to the webpage.

The sample images in ./data/ are from the Middlebury Optical Flow dataset. If you use these in publication, refer to their webpage for restrictions.

Run demo.m to get started