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Owen's bag of nuget related scripts!


Some years have passed and NuGet is now a part of msbuild and this tool is only useful for projects created before Visual Studio 2015. I haven't tested this to see if it works on the newest project formats in VS 2017, but those projects should never encounter the condition where you would need this script. Be careful.


In short, it reverses "Enable Nuget Package Restore", allowing the newer package restore method to work.

In Visual Studio 2013, automatic package restore became part of the IDE (and the TFS build process). This method is more reliable than the older, msbuild integrated package restore. It does not require you to have nuget.exe checked in to each solution and does not require any additional msbuild targets. However, if you have the files related to the old package restore method in your project, Visual Studio will skip automatic package restore. (This behavior is likely to change soon, hopefully it does).

You can use this script to remove nuget.exe, nuget.targets, and all project and solution references to nuget.targets so you can take advantage of Automatic Package Restore. It more or less automates the process described here.

It will recurse through the directory you run the script from and do it to any solutions that may be in there somewhere. Be careful and have fun! (not responsible for anything that breaks)


There are some intersting scenarios where you might end up with troubles related to incorrect hintpaths in the project files which reference nuget packages that were installed while the project was loaded as part of a different solution. You might see something like <HintPath>C:\Users\SomeOtherUserName\My Documents\... or <HintPath>..\..\SomeOtherSolution\packages\... . This could be caused by a strange organization of your folder and project structure. This script is a quick fix for those situations. It replaces the incorrect paths with a reference to the $(SolutionDir)\packages, which is almost always where Automatic Package Restore puts restored packages. If you find yourself needing this script often, it may be a smell indicating that you may have problems with how your source code is organized.

Again, this script will recurse down and do this to all project files it finds.


This will quickly recurse from the current directory to search for and delete bin, obj, and other junk. It's like doing a "Clean Solution" on a bunch of solutions. I use it to diagnose issues where something might build fine for a developer in visual studio, but is missing something on when it gets built on a continous integration server. I left it in this repository because I use it to diagnose nuget problems (or rule out nuget as the culprit).

Like the other two, it just recurses through the current directory.


to help you move to automatic nuget package restore






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