Harpa PONG - Playing Pong via web-connected phones on the lights of Harpa, Reykjavik
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Let's play PONG on Harpa!

Harpa is the Icelandic national concert hall, in Reykjavik. It's covered in DMX RGB lamps, so...

Written mostly in Nodejs, contains:

  • a queue server
  • a game server (authoratative)
  • a render server (we can have multiple ones of these)
  • a client-facing site

Communicates with a pair of Chamsys Ethernet(ArtNet) -> DMX interfaces using the artnet-node module, plus some help from https://github.com/ydnax/node-dmxlights.

Project code by Owen Hindley www.owenhindley.co.uk Project concept & production by Atli Bollason