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😴 Deprecated - No Longer Maintained 😴

As you can tell from the lack of commits, I'm no longer maintaining this. Leaving it up as a reference, or if someone would like to carry it on as the main maintainer.

Pikaday - With Time Picker

Key Config Changes

showTime: true
showMinutes: true
showSeconds: false
use24hour: false
incrementHourBy: 1
incrementMinuteBy: 1
incrementSecondBy: 1
autoClose: true
timeLabel: null // optional string added to left of time select
i18n: {
  en: {
    midnight: '', // Label for 0 AM
    noon: '', // Label for 12 AM

Time support added to dbushell/Pikaday

This fork allows the user to specify the time along with their date. Done so by adding a couple select inputs to manipulate the date Pikaday is generating.

  • Used to set time aspects of date.
  • Will not change the currently selected date.
  • If no date is selected, will select today. Any of the arguments may be null, and will not affect the date.